Monday, May 31, 2010

Flight - An original composition by Jared Hoeft


Hello and welcome to my blog! I'm new to this place and I'm trying to link my networks together to reach more people with my music. I am a young musician and composer looking for exposure and work, so if you're the type of person who's interested in fresh new music, I may have something for you. If you want sheet music composed, I can do that. If you want recordings, I can do that, too.

Here is my Youtube channel: MERTx123 Jared Hoeft's Music
Aside from composing, I am an exceptional keyboardist and a decent drummer. If you like what you see on my Youtube, please let me know! I love hearing from people. If you need a piece of music written for any occasion and on any set of instruments, give me a call at 320-296-9492 and hire me for the task! Thank you all.